Professional artists or aspiring artists that are partnered with professionals, the City of Pittsfield wants you! Coming up in the early fall, Artscape Pittsfield will be overseeing a new mural project in the downtown area.

The mural itself will be located at street level in a highly visible location in downtown Pittsfield and artists will be responsible for providing all materials required to complete their design.

Artscape is welcoming all US-based artists, however, if you reside in Berkshire County, you are even more strongly encouraged to apply. Keep in mind if an artist is traveling from out of the area, transportation and housing will be at the artist's expense.

Artscape is asking that candidates be professional artists, designers, or fabricators or partnered with professional artists, designers, or fabricators. Applicants must also be able to work in the United States and 18 or older.

Also, the candidate must be able to oversee the complete installation of the mural. Proposals should be submitted by September 9th and must include a color sketch of the proposal and a sample of both small and large-scale previous work if possible.

All proposals will be reviewed by a jury comprised of Artscape and project stakeholders. Artists who are selected will be notified by September 16th. The project completion deadline is November 1st.

About Artscape Pittsfield:

Artscape is a volunteer-led committee that sponsors, plans, and oversees annual juried exhibitions of public art in Pittsfield. Its mission is to enhance the overall character of the city’s downtown and attract visitors by installing and promoting works of art in various accessible outdoor locations throughout Pittsfield’s Upstreet Cultural District.

Current initiatives on display include murals, paintboxes, and sculptures. The Artscape walking tour is an outdoor gallery that changes each year. To reach out and get in touch, or to sponsor an Artscape project, email

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