Here's a question, fellow Berkshire County residents. What is it about casinos that we just absolutely love? Oh sure, there's the chance of becoming fabulously wealthy by winning tons and tons of money, but if that were the only reason, we could just visit the nearest convenience store and buy scratch ticket after scratch ticket and hope for the best.

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No, casinos are more than that. There's the nightlife. You know, the entertainment. Music, comedy, magic, spectacle. I happen to love the fact that casinos have just as many dark and dim areas as areas that are bright with lights. Sound weird? Sometimes I just want to sit in some dark corner at a progressive slot machine and try to make a $20 bill last as long as possible.

Also, there's the variety. Casinos have so many different games of chance at your fingertips. Whether you want to play Poker, Blackjack(Classic or European), Roulette, Baccarat, Craps, Slots, or a little bit of everything, you have that option.

Whatever the reason(s), I know I'm not the only one who loves going to the casino. Many of you do as well. I know. I've seen you there. Anyway, I thought this was pretty interesting and worth sharing.

Recently, USA Today conducted its annual 10 Best Reader's Choice Awards survey, and one of the questions was to name the best casino in the country outside of Las Vegas. And you know what? The number one response happens to be right here in New England, located in Mashantucket, Connecticut. That's right. Foxwoods Resort Casino!

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I absolutely love going to Foxwoods. Tons of slot machines(I'm not kidding. We're talking 4500 of those bad boys!). Over 30 different restaurants, High Stakes Bingo, and the largest poker room on the east coast. I have some pretty fond memories of Foxwoods and I haven't been there since before the pandemic. I think it's time for my soulmate and me to make a visit. ROADTRIP!!!

And here's more good news. You lovers of Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, Connecticut, should be tremendously happy, also. Mohegan was #5 on the 10 Best Reader's Choice list. Another place Tonya and I have terrific memories of. I think that's pretty sweet, myself.

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Two of the 10 best casinos in the country outside of Las Vegas are both right here in our neck of the woods! And having visited both casinos numerous times I can tell you that's something worth betting on.

For more on the story including the other casinos from across the country that made the list, visit the USA Today 10Best website here.

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