How obsessed are you about your morning coffee?  Do you feel you are in the majority or minority when it comes to the amount of coffee your drink, the type of coffee you prefer, and what you put into your coffee?

A recent survey released by SimpleTexting, a texting messaging service, broke down the coffee habits of 3,215 coffee drinkers and determined “The Most Coffee-Obsessed US States” and other coffee-related data.

While Massachusetts was in the middle of the pack when it comes to The Most Coffee-Obsessed US States there were two New England states that made the top 10.  They were Maine at #3 and Connecticut at #9.  Vermont was next to last as a Least Obsessed state. Massachusetts ranked 5th for the least cups of coffee drank per day.  West Virginia was the most obsessed state while Wisconsin was the least.

There are many different preferences when it comes to prepping for the perfect cup of coffee.  For the majority of the 3,215 respondents, the coffee grinder was #1 at 22%.  For the milk preference, regular milk was predictably at the top of the list with 41% with the other growing alternative milk categories gaining ground each year.  Almond milk was #2 with 12.04%, Oat a close third at 11.81%, Soy 4th with 3.47% followed by coconut, cashew, and rice milk.  Out of the coffee drinkers surveyed in the SimpleTexting report, 25.35% did not use any milk in their go-juice.

The most common caffeine side effects outlined in the SimpleTexting survey, 23.49% said they did not have any side effects caused by their coffee drinking routine.  The most common side effect mentioned was restlessness and shakes at 16%.  Dehydration was a side effect in 11%, anxiety in 10%, followed by headaches 9.93%, insomnia at 9.33%, and dependency at just over 8% of those surveyed.

The great debate question: Dunkin’ or Starbucks, according to the 3,215 respondents to the survey Starbucks was the runaway winner with 63.43% preferring Starbucks to Dunkin’ who garnered 36.57% of the survey’s total.  The survey was not broken down by state where you might expect Dunkin’ to do well in Massachusetts and the rest of New England.

Some other fun facts obtained in the survey, 57% of Americans would rather give up chocolate than coffee and 36% of millennials will go out of their way to get a cup of coffee even if they know it will make them late.  Click here for the complete “The Most Coffee-Obsessed US States” posted to the SimpleTexting website.

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