An extravagant home in the Berkshires is going on the market with some features that aren't quite your run-of-the-mill home you would see anywhere. This home has its own movie theater, its own body shop, and that barely begins to scratch the surface considering the massive vaulted ceilings that are everywhere within the inner living space.

If you were looking for home with privacy, but still an amazing view of all the surroundings, you don't need to look much further than this place. It is the type of home that some billionaire would own in the movies and it would be like their seasonal retreat.

This Berkshires home is just off U.S. Route 7 at 554 Sheffield Egremont Rd in Sheffield, MA. The 5,000 square foot house has five bedrooms, four and a half bathrooms, a game room that includes a bar, the aforementioned home theater, and the garage space is bigger than most garages where you go in for a tune-up. It's a perfect spot to restore any vehicle of your choice.

The enormous kitchen and open space throughout the living room make this home look as if its a resort. Did we mention there's a wraparound deck on the second floor? Boston Magazine recently featured the Berkshires home and it's being sold by William Pitt's Sotheby's International Realty via Steven Weiss. The home is currently listed at $1,695,000.

Now that we have said about all that can be 'said' about this amazing home, it is time that you have a look for yourself. Check it out, Berkshires!...

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