Here's something I considered to be fairly instructive that I wanted to pass along to my fellow Massachusetts residents that you may not be aware of: Cops can pull you over in Massachusetts if you're too filthy.

A police office on the side of the road as he writes a ticket.

First of all, let's face it. If a police officer really wants to, he or she can pull you over for any reason they want. What I mean by that is a cop can pull you over for anything that affects the safe operation of a motor vehicle.

Your vehicle can get so dirty that it becomes unsafe to drive. During the winter months especially, our vehicles take a beating (in the Northeast, spring months are also considered "winter" months). You name the substance and chances are good it will become glued to your vehicle.

attachment-Mud splattered 4x4 SUV. Dirty car side. Splash and texture of mud on a car.

Dirt, dust, mud, grime, salt, sand, snow, ice, and even bird s**t can turn your car or truck into a filth bomb. If a police officer deems your windows are too dirty for you (the driver) to properly see the road or other cars or objects in your path, you may get a traffic ticket or citation.

Chances are good, though, that the police officer (who's just looking out for your safety after all) will let you off with a kind warning to get that vehicle washed PRONTO.

Piotr Sikora

Please keep in mind that this is not all about JUST windows and windshields. This also includes side mirrors, headlights, and rear lights. Many people simply don't realize how dirty their vehicle's headlights get. That restricts visibility in a big way when you're traveling in the dark.

Dirty car window and wash me sign. Shallow depth of the field.

Last but not least, make sure your vehicle's license plate is clear and legible. If your plate is obscured in any way then you can be sure that you'll be pulled over. It's just a matter of time. Happy travels and be safe everybody!

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