Today is 420 Day, but do we even care anymore? 420, from its inception, has been a day for the smoking of marijuana and the celebrating of everything marijuana. For those who have no idea what I am talking about, here is a little information directly from Wikipedia on the origins of 420: 

In 1971, five high school students in San Rafael, California, used the term "4:20" in connection with a plan to search for an abandoned cannabis crop, based on a treasure map made by the grower. Calling themselves the Waldos, because their typical hang-out spot "was a wall outside the school", the five students — Steve Capper, Dave Reddix, Jeffrey Noel, Larry Schwartz, and Mark Gravich—designated the Louis Pasteur statue on the grounds of San Rafael High School as their meeting place, and 4:20 pm as their meeting time. The Waldos referred to this plan with the phrase "4:20 Louis". After several failed attempts to find the crop, the group eventually shortened their phrase to "4:20", which ultimately evolved into a code-word the teens used to refer to consuming cannabis. 

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I don’t know about all that, but 420 used to have a certain appeal. It was at one time rebellious day where pot-smokers from all over could do something illegal and somehow feel justified in their coalescence. Now that marijuana is legal for medicinal and recreation purposes in Massachusetts and some other states, the shimmer of 420 has lessened a bit. Don’t you think?  

To be honest, I forgot all about 420 until about 4:30I wonder if the local pot shop is having a sale.  

I just now realized that you can’t spell 1420 WBEC without 420. Huh.  

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