As the official winter season approaches, plenty of predictions have been thrown out there. From the Farmers' Almanac to local meteorologists, predicting winter weather is both fun and informative as the northeast gears up for their most active weather season.

A key element that has made this particular winter season more challenging to predict is El Niño. According to SkiMag, an El Niño happens when sea surface temperatures rise a half-degree from the month prior for five consecutive three-month periods. El Niño kicked in this past spring, and forecasters believe it will stick around through the upcoming winter.

Man shoveling the driveway after a heavy snowfall
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In fact, the El Niño could be quite strong, leading forecasters to believe this winter could be warm but extremely active when it comes to weather events. Specifically, nor'easters.

A popular weather analyst on YouTube named Ryan Hall has broken down his predictions for the forthcoming winter across the country. If you're still confused about El Niño, he'll break it down for you.

In his predictions, Hall believes that at some point this winter, the northeast will see a "Big Daddy" snowstorm. That's a nickname for a large storm that everyone keeps talking about. For Maine, it could be a reference to the ice storm of 1998.

Hall believes there's a 15% chance Maine and New Hampshire will see a "Big Daddy" snowstorm this winter; a monster nor'easter that will have locals talking about it for years to come.

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Winter officially begins on December 21, and just how large of an impact El Niño will have on New England winter weather will become more clear as the season kicks in.

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