Everyone has their favorite Christmas tune, do you have a favorite Halloween song? See which one of these you like the best.

"Monster Mash", The very talented Bobby Pickett
This came is the most favorite.


"Thriller", Michael Jackson
This video turned out to be the longest video of the time as far as music was concerned.


"This is Halloween", The Citizens of Halloween Town in "The Nightmare Before Christmas"
Disney and Tim Burton were behind the scenes on this one.

Disney Music Vevo/Youtube

"Time Warp", Little Nell, Patricia Quinn, and Richard O'Brien in "The Rocky Horror Picture Show"
The young Susan Sarandon playing Jane, Susan now lives in Stamford VT. The words are in the video so you can sing along too!

Movie clips/Youtube

"Highway to Hell", AC/DC
Taking you back a few years for this one with the original Bon Scott.

"Somebody's Watching Me", Rockwell
It case you get the creepies and thinks someone is watching you!


"Disturbia", Rihanna
Rihanna does creepy so well.


"Spooky, Scary Skeletons", Andrew Gold

Timeless Music/Youtube

"Halloween Theme, Main Title", John Carpenter
I can name this song in two notes, as soon as it plays you get that creepy feeling like Micheal Myers is watching you.

Rodrigo Cantillano/Youtube

"(Don't Fear) The Reaper", Blue Oyster Cult
Do you think they had a scary song for Halloween in mind when they did this?


"Psycho Killer", Talking Heads

Tim Burton'sdead man's party(OINGO BOINGO)
Great use of the song in this movie.

"Living Dead Girl", Rob Zombie
Of course, he has his wife in this....


"Ghostbusters", Ray Parker Jr.
Ah yes, the ghostbusters theme song love it!


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