Tanglewood is the summer home to the Boston Symphony Orchestra and concerts from many artists of our time, but some folks may not have known about the two haunted houses on the Tanglewood grounds.

Two of the most well-known conductors of Tanglewood have made their presence felt not only in the world of music but also in the world of the Paranormal.

The first house is Seranak, which was the home of Sergei Koussevitzky. I guess you can think of this is a newer haunting, it started in the 70s after the house became part of the Tanglewood estate after Koussevutzys wife Olga died in 1978.

Guests and VIPs staying there at the home, have experienced cold spots, strange noises from empty rooms, and presences roaming throughout the place. Some think it might be Koussevitsky who is haunting the home himself but others believe it may be his second wife Natalie.

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In 1986, the Highwood Manor house and the grounds around it, formerly belonging to the Tappan family were added to the complex. Shortly after that, rumors began about mysterious occurrences happening in the house.

One of the stories going around was that Leonard Bernstein was spooked out of his chair by an eerie presence. Even though the house was built long ago Bernstein’s encounter, which took place in 1990, just two months before his death, was told two years later to The Associated Press by a staff member who was with him at the time.

Leonard Bernstein
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Caroline Taylor recounted how she was hit by an unexplained blast of hot air from a closet, and the former house manager reported being shoved around by an invisible force.

I wonder if anyone has heard music played inside these homes by a ghost? Something to think about next time you visit Tanglewood.

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