Your driver's license may not be enough to purchase alcohol in Massachusetts. If you live out of state and don't have a Massachusetts driver's license, you technically must provide an alternative form of proof of age.

Massachusetts' Obnoxiously Outdated Alcohol Law?


One of the least popular laws states that someone who wants to purchase alcohol must have a Massachusetts driver’s license, liquor identification card, a military identification card, or a United States passport.

This means that driver’s licenses from out of state are not enough to buy alcohol in Massachusetts. This limits many visitors to the state from being able to purchase beer, wine, or liquor.

Massachusetts Is Notorious For Being Strict When It Comes To Alcohol

  • Out of state IDs are not accepted as proof of age at bars and clubs in Massachusetts
  • Happy Hours are illegal
  • You can't buy hard liquor at grocery stores
  • Nips are banned in six municipalities
  • Eight towns are still dry
  • Alcohol sales are only permitted between 8 a.m. and 11 p.m.

Only Massachusetts Driver's Licenses Are Accepted As Proof of Age

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There Are Some Circumstances Where Massachusetts Does Lighten Up A Little Bit

There are very few exceptions to Massachusetts's open container law. You are only allowed to possess an open container of alcohol if you are a passenger in: a motor vehicle specifically intended for and actively used for compensated transportation (such as a limo, taxi, or bus).

Open container laws in Massachusetts, if violated can result in fines from $100 - 500, but if you're found above a BAC of .08, the penalty of course is pretty stiff and rightfully so.

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