Liquor stores are known to close on certain holidays in Massachusetts, but I can never remember which holidays. Is it just me or you, too?

Labor Day Weekend is almost here everybody, yes, the unofficial end of summer is almost here! Well, that was a buzzkill.

It always is, I suppose. The kids are going back to school, the weather is gorgeous and some of you may even enjoy enjoy a three day weekend.

I used to enjoy some Coors Light, and every time a holiday came upon us, I wondered if I had to make an early trip to the package store.

Now, Bud Zero or Athletic Brewing NA is my go-to!

Valentyn Volkov

You know what day always tricks me? New Year's Day. I always think the liquor stores are closed on New Year's.

Easter as well.

Memorial Day as well. (You can't purchase alcoholic beverages before noon though).

The 4th of July as well.

So, Are Liquor Stores CLOSED on Labor Day In Massachusetts?

The GOOD news for drinkers, is NO, they are not closed. YAAAAAAY!

In fact, the only days that Massachusetts prohibits the sale of alcohol are Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Another fun fact? In Massachusetts, "happy hour" hasn't been legal since 1984, although I think the powers at be may be considering bringing it back.

Smiling young people drinking craft beer in pub on St Patrick's Day holiday

I hope everyone has a fun, long, and safe Labor Day Weekend!

I hope you found this post informative.

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