I have to say, Berkshire County friends and neighbors, catching an unexpected, unscripted event on LIVE television, whether it's a mistake, blooper, accident, etc. creates quite a sensation.

And sometimes, as with the 1969 moon landing, it can bring the country together. If it's a BIG moment and it happened on live TV, you can consider that "water cooler" talk for the next month.

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Were you watching in 2004 during the Super Bowl XXXVIII halftime show at the moment when Justin Timberlake grabbed Janet Jackson's black bodice and her right breast spilled out?

Did you happen to witness in 1981 during the closing moments of a Saturday Night Live episode cast member Charles Rocket dropping the F-bomb? Rocket(haha, no pun intended) was fired from the show not long after.

Were you watching when, more recently, Steve Harvey announced the wrong winner at the 2015 Miss Universe Pageant? Minutes after he said Miss Columbia had won Steve had to admit to his mistake and say it was Miss Philippines.

And then there was the incident at the 2003 Video Music Awards when Madonna locked lips with Britney Spears AND Christina Aquilera.

These are just some of the moments that occurred during LIVE television broadcasts that kept America talking. But they are by no means the only ones! Recently, the team at Shane Co, the largest privately owned jeweler in the country, did another one of their awesome studies.

This study focused on responses from over 2,000 Americans polled in 43 states(some states were omitted due to population limitations) regarding what live TV moments they considered the most memorable.

This will probably come as a surprise to...absolutely no one, but the most memorable live TV moment in the country overall is the infamous slap heard around the world.

Yep, the Will Smith slap of Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars. Did that rank as the favorite because it's the most recent and therefore still on many people's minds? Don't know. But I do know that, according to the survey, that moment was also #1 in Massachusetts.

The second overall favorite live TV moment in the country was the "wardrobe malfunction" during the Superbowl halftime show with Janet and Justin. #2 for Massachusetts was a tie between the Superbowl snafu and Kanye West interrupting Taylor Swift's acceptance speech at the 2009 Video Music Awards.

Check out the study for yourself. It's pretty fascinating. Just visit Shane Co's website here for the full survey rankings.

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