The Berkshires has made its way out of its recent heatwave, but it’s never a bad time to remind everyone about the dangers of leaving kids in a hot vehicle. AAA Northeast recently released some sobering statistics. 

According to a recent media release from AAA Northeast, on average, thirty-eight children younger than 15 die from heatstroke every year after being left in a hot vehicle. A senseless tragedy that certainly can and should be avoided.  

In both 2018 and 2019, a record number of 53 children died after they were left unattended in steaming cars, and since 1998, 890 children have lost their lives due to vehicular heatstroke. 

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According to the data, nearly every state in the country has experienced a hot car-related death since 1998. On a ninety-degree day, leaving a child or pet in a car for less than ten minutes can prove fatal. Even if it doesn’t feel that hot when you leave you are exiting the vehicle, it takes just minutes for the internal temperature of a closed vehicle to reach 115 degrees, even if you leave the windows cracked. We may not be hitting temperatures in the 90’s this week, but even temperatures in the ’80s can be deadly to an unattended child.  

Remember that pets are also vulnerable. With heat advisories forecast for this week, AAA reminds motorists to be especially vigilant to make sure children and pets are always safe. 

AAA Northeast has created some short educational videos covering steps motorists should take to protect their children and pets. Check them out below: 

The Dangers of Hypothermia for Pets (AAA YouTube Page):


The Dangers of Hypothermia (AAA YouTube Page)


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