Investigators located and recovered human remains presumed to be of 42-year-old Megan Marohn who was reported missing on March 29th.

Lee Police Dept Facebook
Lee Police Dept Facebook

It took teamwork from many agencies from local, county, and state-wide, including the local police department in Lee. Also on the county level, Berkshire State Police Detective Unit Assigned to the Berkshire District Attorney’s Office, with help from the state level including the Massachusetts State Police Special Emergency Response Team, and the Massachusetts State Police Crime Scene Services, all responded to the scene.

The Berkshire County District Attorney's Office noted that a person discovered what would be the human remains near Fox Drive in Lee, in a heavily wooded region.

The Chief Medical Examiner took custody of the remains to make a positive identification.

Investigators are still actively searching all over the area, and the evidence collected thus far indicates a very high probability that the remains are that of Marohn.

Marohn's family reported Megan missing on March 29, and Lee Police located her vehicle unattended at Longcope Park that same day.

Law enforcement, along with search and rescue agencies were involved in the search when looking for Megan Marohn when she was first found missing.

Agencies helping with the search included Lee Police, Lee Fire, the Massachusetts State Police Lee Barracks, Massachusetts State Police K9, Massachusetts State Police Special Emergency Response Team, Berkshire County Sheriff’s Office. Coming over the border from New York was the Albany County Sheriff’s Department. The Berkshire Mountain Search and Rescue Team put together several searches for Marohn.

Local and state agencies are investigating the circumstances surrounding Ms. Marohn's disappearance. That investigation is still underway.

The Berkshire Eagle reported back on July 12th that,

"Meghan Marohn, a 42-year-old English teacher at Shaker High School in Latham, N.Y., disappeared, she confided to friends that she had gone into hiding to escape from a man who had ‘brutally harassed and intimidated me because I wouldn’t sleep with him, she said, she was too afraid to stay at home, especially when she saw him drive by her house. She was granted leave from teaching and camped out at The Red Lion Inn in Stockbridge.”

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