It has been quite the road to get to this day, but Election Day has finally arrived in the Berkshires.

Townsquare Media Berkshire will be providing up to the minute results of tonight's election results. Four of our stations -- Live 95.9, Whoopee FM, WNAW and AM1420 WBEC -- will be going live on the air between 8 and 9 p.m. to give you the latest results. In addition, we will keep everyone informed on this page throughout the night with everything you need to know.

The most discussed race in the area is the Berkshire County District Attorney's race. Back in September, Andrea Harrington defeated Paul Caccaviello and Judith Knight to secure the Democratic nomination. Caccaviello has since put together a write-in campaign in hopes of remaining the Berkshire County District Attorney, a seat he acquired after David Capeless stepped down earlier in the year.

With the write-in campaign for Caccaviello, you should expect delays in the official results. However, we will be sticking with it as long as we can to keep you up to date.

There are also several questions on the ballot to be answered by the community -- with the most discussed being Question 1; Nurse-Patient Assignment Limits.

Bookmark this page and follow along with the results of, what should be, a very interesting Election Night in the Berkshires.

Berkshire County District Attorney: (Unofficial Results)

Andrea Harrington (Democratic Nominee): 24,230

Pittsfield - 8,338

North Adams - 2,690

Williamstown - 2,400

Otis - 434

Great Barrington - 2,242

Adams - 1,771

Cheshire - 741

Washington - 181

Sandisfield - 238

Lanesborough - 684

Monterey - 351

Egremont - 554

Becket - 468

Lee - 1,365

Windsor - 246

Lenox - 1,527

Paul Caccaviello (Write-In): 14,220

Pittsfield - 7,133 (72 unresolved write-ins)

North Adams - 1,046

Williamstown - 511

Otis - 123 (178 blank)

Great Barrington - 586

Adams - 1,134

Cheshire - 603

Washington - 93

Sandisfield - 63

Lanesborough - 598

Monterey - 69

Egremont - 153

Becket - 202

Lee - 774

Windsor - 147

Lenox - 985

Senator in General Court (Berkshire, Hampden, Hampshire, Franklin):

Adam Hinds

Representative in General Court (First Berkshire District):

John Barrett

Representative in General Court (Second Berkshire District, Ward 1B):

Paul Mark

Representative in General Court (Third Berkshire District, Ward 1A, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7):

Tricia Farley-Bouvier

Representative in General Court (Fourth Berkshire District)

William "Smitty" Pignatelli

Representative in Congress (First District):

Richard Neal

Clerk of Courts (Berkshire County):

Deborah Capeless

Register of Deeds (Berkshire Middle District): 

Patsy Harris

Register of Deeds (Berkshire Northern District): 

Maria Ziemba:

2,917 (North Adams)

2,540 (Williamstown)

2,043 (Adams)

985 (Cheshire)

943 (Lanesborough)

Deborah Moran:

898 (North Adams)

374 (Williamstown)

1,004 (Adams)

414 (Cheshire)

283 (Lanesborough)

Register of Deeds (Berkshire Southern District):

Michelle Laramie-Jenny



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