Massachusetts residents, take note: These days, dining out is a luxury for most of us. the reality of this matter is that inflation continues to plague family and individual budgets plus let's forget our crazy schedules where we have to make some time for ourselves, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Therefore, going out to your favorite Bay State dining establishment (or anywhere else you desire) is a treat as you try and spend time with family and friends, hence the importance of an eatery spot should serve up top quality food as you choose to splurge on a night out.

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We have compiled a list of the top 3 "red flags" customers need to look out for before making their choices to enjoy some of their favorite dishes for lunch or dinner (if you want to count breakfast in the mix, be my guest).

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For starters, the staff of a restaurant that is well-run should be able to answer basic questions about where the food is sourced from and what's fresh on their daily menu. If that component is lacking, then I would think twice. Plus, if you ask for something catered to you, the diner and it is not served up properly, management should be notified as soon as possible.

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Second, the facility's atmosphere plays a key role in it's popularity. You don't want to pick a spot that doesn't have a lot of customer turnover as a crowd is the best endorsement for the restaurant's quality, and for another, a restaurant that doesn't move a lot of food is likely to compromise on its freshness. There are times you'll need to wait for a table, but keep in mind this is a positive sign as customers will be guaranteed their dining experience will pass with flying colors.

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Last but not least, aroma plays a key role in the quality of freshness provided by the dining establishment. Can you imagine how these dishes up above feel like a sense of euphoria upon entry. A negative impact is the lack of any smell coming from the kitchen signifies a complete absence of real food.

Spaghetti & Meatballs

Personally, I also like a preview of what can be offered before settling in. Whether it's a pot of tomato sauce on the stove, meatballs baking in the oven (that sounds appealing to me) or fried onions on the flat top, that is a positive sign the food is fresh.

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BOTTOM LINE: Customers spend their hard earned money on local restaurants as this also assists the designated community's economy, but remember, it works both ways where the establishment also needs to make the effort in providing a positive dining experience for all who patronize their favorite restaurant.

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