Are you planning to start your own business? Or are you already in the process of starting a business? First off, congratulations! That's awesome! Secondly, good luck.Seriously. It's not easy. But with a combination of good planning, excellent employees and/or co-workers, perseverance, and good luck, hopefully, it will all come together.

If you're not starting your own business right now, but you have dreams of doing so one day, you may want to consider making a move to another part of the country. Like Florida or Utah, for instance.

Our good friends at WalletHub, the personal finance experts, released its report on 2023's Best Small Cities to Start a Business and it looks like the Commonwealth is not very beneficial when it comes to getting your business off and running.

However, it appears that Florida is a GREAT state to start a business. Almost 40 cities in the top 100 are located in the Sunshine State. And Utah? Forget about it! Out of the top 5 best small cities to start a business, 4 of them are in Utah!

WalletHub came up with its findings by comparing over 1,300 small cities in several key metrics such as the percentage of educated workforce, the average length of the work week, accessible financing, startups per capita, office space affordability, and more.

As far as small cities in Massachusetts go, there is not one in the top 20...Or the top 50...Or the top 100. WHAT? Would you believe me if I told you there was not a single Massachusetts city in the top 500??

As a matter of fact, the first city in Massachusetts to make the list is Lawrence. And that's not until #593. Closely followed by Danvers at #597. Berkshire County's own city of Pittsfield hits the list at #711!

There are many more Massachusetts cities to make the list of best small cities to start a business including Westfield, Fall River, and Northampton, but you should check out the full list for yourself at WalletHub's website here.

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