One of the joys of heading south to my ol' hometown of New York City during the holiday season is seeing the awesome Christmas tree that is on display in the heart of Rockefeller Center that is adjacent to NBC's headquarters. It's a festive sight to see as  the mammoth Tannenbaum is dressed with thousand of LED lights and topped by the famous Swavorski crystal star. It has become a mandatory destination spot for tourists and locals who reside in the 5 boroughs and it's surrounding areas.


This year the 82 foot, 14 ton spruce will be coming down south from an area which is about two hours away from the beautiful Berkshires. The giant Christmas tree will be cut down from a farm in Queensbury, New York located just north of Glens Falls as it makes the 200 mile trek to Manhattan. Once it is set up for display, the annual tree lighting will take place LIVE on NBC-TV. (check your cable listings for time and channel).

Mark the date down: Wednesday, November 30th and remember, if you plan to make the journey to the Big Apple to see this event unfold in front of your very eyes, you better get there as early as possible as many will be staking their claim to watch this momentous and unforgettable event. Millions will be watching worldwide as the tree lighting will be preceded by LIVE entertainment adjacent to the Prometheus statue and the Center's ice skating rink which is open during this milestone event.

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The tree will be on display until Three Kings Day (also known as The feast of Epiphany) on January 6th. I am sure you are wondering what happens to this gigantic Christmas staple afterwards. The task of taking it down is arduous as it will be milled into lumber and promptly donated to the non-profit organization, Habitat For Humanity.

Rudi Zhang

In my opinion, it's a little too early to write about Seasons Greetings and jingle bells but when it comes to the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree, I'll make an exception since this yearly event is a TRUE way of getting into the spirit in my old haunts and I strongly recommend an excursion to see this beautiful Tannenbaum in person. It's a once in a lifetime experience, you will NEVER forget, guaranteed!

(Some information obtained in this article, courtesy of NBC New York, WNBC-TV)

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