One of my least favorite obligations in life is paying a visit to The Registry Of Motor Vehicles in Pittsfield. Granted, my first experience when moving here over three years ago is a vast improvement after what I used to go through in Connecticut (What a nightmare going to the Norwich DMV as the debacle would have me stuck there for HOURS!) In May, I have to renew BOTH my driver's license and registration, followed by another inspection by the end of July. Keep in mind that a change is coming to The Bay State's motor vehicle inspection sticker rules, as the move will correct a so-called “hack” that many statewide drivers have employed for years.


Here it goes as we will break down these revisions as this whole matter sounds "complicated" to me, but you decide if this is copasetic. For starters, this new edict begins on Nov. 1, 2022. Any motor vehicle that passes inspection will automatically receive a NEW sticker retroactive to when the last sticker expired. On Oct. 1, you will no longer receive a printed inspection report (AH YES, the idea of going "paperless" strikes again!)

If you have an inspection sticker that expired last year you will receive an updated sticker in January from the current year regardless of the month it's inspected. If you are purchasing a new vehicle, the process MUST be completed within ONE WEEK of the actual registration date and will remain valid for one year.

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This translates into the idea that a "bonus month" will not be an option. For example, if your sticker expires on the last day of a given month, you would have to wait until the NEXT month to take the car for a physical inspection prior to the actual renewal. This whole concept sounds confusing if you ask me. I have noticed that things can't be simplified anymore in this "so-called 21st century".

RMV spokesperson Colleen Ogilvie reiterated the true reason this is coming into play:

Safety of The Commonwealth's roadways is the most important reason for motor vehicle inspections as tire treads, light signals and front ball joints are taken into consideration. We are asking ALL vehicle owners to place safety first and make sure you check your inspection date and DON'T be late".

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The penalty for driving a vehicle with an inspection sticker could lighten your wallet as the infraction could result in a moving violation and you could face steep fines, a possibility of suspension of your driver's license, and an increase in your car insurance. YIKES! By all means, take care of this when necessary to avoid further headaches.

These days, light-duty cars and trucks have built-in emission control systems as this reduces pollution and serves as a fail-safe for our health and environment. There are a total of 1,800 licensed inspection stations throughout Massachusetts.

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For more information on inspection revisions, you can access this link on The RMV website by going here  

(Some information obtained in this article is courtesy of The Massachusetts RMV's website)

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