The Boston Bruins are playing a rare morning playoff game today after a long wait to play Tuesday night that eventually fell flat. The Bruins were ready last night to get their first-round playoff series with the Carolina Hurricanes underway, but it was not to be… at least not Tuesday night.

Because the NHL, due to the coronavirus pandemic, are playing all their play-off games in the two “hub” cities of Edmonton and Toronto, the Bruins had to wait for the previous game between the Tampa Bay Lightning and Columbus Blue Jackets to come to and end. That game turned out to be a marathon, unlike anything ever seen in the NHL Playoffs before. The Lightning and Blue Jackets were in a ridiculous fifth overtime when league officials made the decision to postpone the Bruins/Hurricanes game until this (Wednesday) morning.

The Lightning and Blue Jackets got underway at 3:00 PM and did not wrap until around 9:30 PM. No one, of course, ever expected that the game might go so long, and the public-address/scoreboard operator, either bored or giddy, decided to have a little fun. At one point, the board simply displayed “STILL OVERTIME.” Eventually that was replaced with “WE APOLOGIZE IF YOU HAD OTHER PLANS TONIGHT” and then “IT’S TIME FOR THE 7TH INNING STRETCH.” Who could blame him?

As it stands, the Bruins and the Hurricanes will face off at 11:00 AM this (Wednesday) morning in Toronto. So, grab a cup of coffee, throw on your B’s jersey and get ready for some rare Wednesday morning Boston Bruins Hockey!

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