Massachusetts National Guard deployed 500 reserves to Washington D.C to support the tens of thousands of National Guard troops already in the Capital for security leading up to the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden.  According to WCVB-TV, the Guard send a total of 500 reservists to D.C. over the weekend.

According to the report Massachusetts is sending 2 infantry units and 1 artillery unit in support of inauguration security.  Another 500 National Guardsmen have been placed on standby by Governor Charlie Baker in case of trouble here in Massachusetts.

The deployment is the result on the raid on the Capital following a Trump rally where many are arguing that the President of the United States himself lit the match that set off the crowd and turned protesters into rioters.  The FBI continues to make arrest as leads come in from all over the country identifying rioters from photos and videos of the raid broadcast all over the country and in digital media.

It was released yesterday that the FBI is vetting National Guard personnel looking for out for white nationalist or other service men and woman that might have been radicalized.  As of this morning the FBI has not found any radicalized guardsman.  A number of former military and law enforcement personnel have already been identified and charged in the mayhem of January 6th.

Back home the State Police are keeping a close eye out for any warring signs of trouble.  According to the State Police they have not reported any specific threats to the State House or other public venues.

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