During my teenage years, I worked at a deli in the northern Berkshires which was known as "Victoria's Deli." Located in downtown North Adams, I did my fair share of preparing sandwiches for customers. Whether it was meatball subs, Philly cheesesteaks, roast beef subs, you name it, I was making them. I also had other duties including cooking broasted chicken (the chicken was to die for) along with washing mountains of dishes which actually didn't bother me because it helped make my shift fly by.

Speaking fs sandwiches, I am a bit of a sandwich hound. I love all of those aforementioned sandwiches along with some pretty simplistic sandwiches. I won't turn my nose up at a basic tuna sandwich, pb&j, or better yet a Fluffernutter.

A Recent Report from Reader's Digest Declares the Fluffy Treat as Massachusetts' Best Sandwich

Surprisingly or maybe not so surprisingly, the Fluffernutter is Massachusetts' best sandwich for 2022. It's not that hard to believe since Fluff along with the sandwich was invented in Massachusetts. I just found it a little surprising because a Fluffernutter doesn't seem like something one would eat on a regular basis but it is nice to see that the readers of Reader's Digest (Reader's Digest teamed up with Taste of Home for this study) chose something that was invented in the Bay State and didn't go with a boring sandwich.

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Is There a Sandwich More Deserving of Being Massachusetts' Best? 

Do you agree with this report or do you think there are much better sandwiches out there that should be recognized as the best in Massachusetts and if so what sandwich would you have chosen?

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