Let me tell you, Berkshire County friends and neighbors, what a sweet tooth I had when I was younger. You name it, if it had sugar in it, chances are more than likely that I was all in. (Just ask my Mom. She footed the dentist bills.)

However, I've noticed that as I've gotten older, I have less and less of a craving for sugar. Except...when it comes...to ICE CREAM! I don't know what it is about it, but I do know that I will always love it. In a bowl, in a glass, in a cone, on a stick, between two cookies--it just doesn't matter!

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In honor of summer (when people tend to eat the most ice cream, although not me. I can eat it year-round), the lawn care and maintenance professionals at LawnStarter decided to take a look at the best and worst American cities for ice cream lovers!

They focused on the 200 largest American cities and compared them all across four categories and 10 total metrics including consumer ratings, ice cream accessibility, most and least number of frozen treat vendors per square mile, and much more.

According to LawnStarter's findings, a Massachusetts city is the third worst in the country for ice cream lovers! Any guesses? Nope. It's not Boston. Believe it or not, Springfield, Massachusetts ranks 3rd worst!

The two cities that beat out Springfield are Macon, Georgia at #2, and Montgomery, Alabama at #1. So exactly which cities were tops for ice cream lovers? Here are the top 10 of 2023's Best Cities for Ice Cream Lovers, according to LawnStarter:

  1. Miami, FL
  2. San Francisco, CA
  3. New York, New York
  4. Los Angeles, CA
  5. Philadelphia, PA
  6. St. Louis, MO
  7. Las Vegas, NV
  8. Honolulu, HI
  9. Washington, DC
  10. Orlando, FL

By the way, the best Massachusetts could do wasn't even enough to make the top 20. Boston was ranked at #32. It's a pretty cool study (no pun intended...or maybe it was). For the full rankings, visit LawnStarter's website here. Check it out!

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