With the COVID-19 pandemic putting many people out of work combined with the rising costs of heating fuel, gas, food, etc., many Massachusetts residents are struggling to make ends meet. There's no doubt that numerous Massachusetts residents have yet to return to pre-pandemic income levels and it hurts.

Are You a Massachusetts Resident Who is Struggling to Make Your Mortgage Payments?

Like so many other Massachusetts residents, you may be falling behind on your bills. Figuring out which bills to prioritize while trying to keep food on the table for your family and keeping your home heated is a scary situation that many in the Bay State are facing right now. Plus, you have to stay on top of your mortgage payments. Is this all getting to be too much for you?

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There is Some Relief for Massachusetts Residents Who Need Help with Their Mortgage Payments 

If you are a Massachusetts resident and you are falling behind on your mortgage payments because of the pandemic you could be eligible for the Massachusetts Homeowner Assistance Fund.

What are the Details of the Massachusetts Homeowner Assistance Fund?

The Massachusetts Homeowner Assistance Fund (HAF) is a federally funded program to help Massachusetts homeowners impacted by COVID-19. The Mass HAF will provide financial assistance to eligible homeowners who have missed 3 or more home mortgage payments to help them avoid foreclosure. The missed payments do not need to be consecutive. You can find out if you are eligible, get more information, and apply by going here.

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