A new study says that Massachusetts is the 2nd most exciting state to retire to. Who knew?

Organizers of the study, Sixty and Me, says that the idea of ranking states for retirement is not new but most studies focus solely on factors like taxes, cost of living or care. These are of course important considerations, but according to Sixty and Me, there is a lot more to selecting a state where you will actually enjoy your retirement!

Sixty and Me introduced categories into their study such as number of meetups, volunteering opportunities, access to vacation destinations from the local airport, local attractions and even startup success rates for retirees not quite ready to relax. Several other interesting factors were also considered.

The good news is… if you want to retire in the #2 state in the study, you are already here. If you want to retire in the studies #1 state, you will have to head south to sunny Florida.

You can check out the full findings of the study HERE. You will also find at this link, a very informative video that goes along with the study, hosted by Sixty and Me’s Margaret Manning.

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