There's no argument that Massachusetts is a beautiful place to experience spring and summer, all four seasons really. It seems like Massachusetts is the epicenter for outdoor beauty. Berkshire County, in particular, is an area that many city people including Boston, New York, and other areas moved to right away when the pandemic struck so they could get away from close proximity of people and have a lot of open outdoor space. Whether those folks were moving to Pittsfield, Great Barrington, Stockbridge, Lee, Lenox, West Stockbridge, New Marlborough, North Adams, Adams, Williamstown, Cheshire, Lanesborough, Sandisfield, Otis, Egremont, and so on, Berkshire County definitely was able to deliver the vast open spaces that people needed during the pandemic.

Even though Massachusetts and the Berkshires in particular, are areas that put the full spotlight on nature's beauty we still have to be reminded to protect ourselves from ticks. It seemed like last summer, ticks were everywhere throughout the Northeast. We wrote about last summer's tick explosion and you can check out that article by going here.

According to a few internet sources, we may not see as many ticks right away this year due to the cooler temperatures that we have been experiencing. However, as the temperature heats up and we move into the summer months, you'll still want to be mindful and not throw caution to the wind when it comes time to protect yourself from nature's pesky critters.

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There's a New Type of Tick (Well, New to Us) That is Making Its Presence Known in the Northeast, and Massachusetts Residents Should Take Note

This type of tick is known as the Lone Star tick and according to WWLP, this tick has made an appearance in six states including neighboring New York. If you get bit by this tick, you could get a potentially-life threatening allergic reaction and the symptoms will take shape after eating red meat and some dairy products. You can read more about this by going here.

What Can Massachusetts Residents Do to Protect Themselves from Being Bit By the Lone Star Tick?

Just like you would do when protecting yourself from the normal ticks we see in Massachusetts, you'll want to cover yourself up with long sleeves & pants and make sure you steer clear of wooded areas and locations with long grass. Insect repellent is a must as well.

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