Fall is right around the corner. And with Fall, there comes the beauty that happens to be all around the trees, forests, and wooded areas throughout New England, and especially in Massachusetts. In fact, the aesthetics are so amazing during Fall in Massachusetts, the state ranks among the top spots, not just in the U.S., but in the world for the best Fall foliage.

The ever-so-popular travel publication, known as 'The Travel', recently released its list of the 10 Places Where You Can See the Best Fall Foliage in the WorldSure enough, the state of Massachusetts finds its way onto that list, albeit ranking #10.

@RodneyChaiWX via Twitter
@RodneyChaiWX via Twitter

Of course, Fall isn't exactly here as of yet, but we can at least prepare you for all the beauty you will get to view. Here's what 'The Travel' had to say about Massachusetts landing on its list of the best spots in the world for Fall foliage:

The Northeastern United States is famous for its brightly colored leaves, and the state of Massachusetts offers an autumnal experience like no other. This state is famous for its historic witch trials, its pumpkin patches, its apple orchards, and its cranberry bogs, making it the perfect fall destination.

But what makes Massachusetts so good for leaf-peeping is its abundance of sugar maple trees. These trees are famous for their bright red leaves.

Visitors to Massachusetts will feel like they've stepped into a cottage-core world as they tour a local historic site with the deep reds and purples of New England's fall foliage in the background.

  • Trees and colors to look for: sugar maple (red), white oak (orange), American beech (orange), river birch (yellow)

New Hampshire and Connecticut also showed up on the list ahead of us, but it's no shock that some other New England states might make a cameo on the list. Japan had three cities make the list as well.

The leaves haven't changed just yet, but they will start to before you know it. Fall is about to be in full force throughout Massachusetts. Enjoy the view!

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