It's no secret that we ALL need to save a little money during these trying times. Bay State residents will have that opportunity as consumers will not have to pay the state sales tax when making purchases on August 13th and 14th. You can spend up to $2,500 on selected merchandise as this annual move will translate into keeping some extra money in your pocket. Be advised that all retail items are not subject to this savings and here is a comprehensive list of items where the sales tax still applies:

Any single items priced above $2,500, alcoholic beverages, gasoline, marijuana and similar products, meals, motorboats motor vehicles, telecommunications services, tobacco and utilities.

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There are some incentives that you need to know about regarding on-line purchases: If you place an order and pay for an eligible item that does NOT exceed $2,500, this qualifies as an automatic savings on your total bill. Total sales regarding clothing must be below $175 to receive this all-important savings. If you plan to get your purchase delivered, the item MUST paid in full to avoid the extra expense. If exchanges have to be made after the tax holiday ends, customers will NOT be charged the extra expense.

If you plan to rent a car or motor boat for 30 days total, you can STILL take advantage of the savings, but the total bill MUST be paid on any of the 2 days this transaction is implemented.


Keep in mind, ALL retailers that sell taxable based items, MUST offer the discount within the 2 day period. This also includes vendors who make sales via the internet. To obtain more information, you can access this link by going here OR call The Massachusetts Tax Department toll free at 1-800-392-6089.

BOTTOM LINE: It is advisable to "shop till you drop" during this 2 day hiatus in August and in the long run, watch the savings add up as every little bit of savings is welcome.

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