The mayoral recount requested by At-Large Pittsfield City Councilor Melissa Mazzeo began this morning at 8:30. City Clerk Michele Benjamin says that she is hoping that the recount takes only one day, but it will continue until it has been completed.

The Berkshire Eagle reports that temporary workers and City Hall staff have begun the process of reviewing and counting more than 12,000 ballots.

Mayor Linda Tyer was the winner when the city held its municipal election on Nov. 5th election, garnering 529 more votes than Mazzeo.

Mazzeo clarified her concerns for the integrity of the election last week, saying that her campaign heard repeatedly that someone close to Tyer’s campaign had unauthorized access to ballots, and that at least one person went to vote on Nov. 5th to find that they had already been marked as having voted.

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