Today most of us already know about Six Flags New England, "The Thrill Capitol of New England" in Agawam MA. You have the main park, and you have the water park. Of course we can't forget the most popular attractions the park has to offer. Such as Superman, Batman, and even The Joker.  Some us ask ourselves, has there always been an amusement park at this location? Let's take a trip down memory lane...

Along side of the Connecticut River, started off as a "Picnic Area" in the year 1870 as "Gallup's Cove." Shortly after it was changed to "Riverside Cove." Then moving forward to 1912, the park took a name for decades that almost everyone is familiar with. You guessed it right, "Riverside Park."

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Here's a Classic "Riverside Park" Commercial from the early '80s!

The name remained unchanged up until the year 1995 when it was changed to "Riverside: The Great Escape." (No relation to "The Great Escape" in New York state) Eventually it got it's current name in 1999 known as "Six Flags New England."

Growing up in the late '90s and early 2000s, we can't forget this iconic Six Flags commercial that aired for many years. Some people found it kind of creepy, I found this rather entertaining and amusing.

I have friends that say this commercial growing up was "creepy," but let me tell you it was definitely one of my favorite all time commercials ever aired on TV. Especially with the massive 1998 hit song "We Like To Party" by the "Vengaboys."

So do you have any memories  at "Riverside Park" or Six Flags England? Let me know on our station app.

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