We're knee-deep in the summer season and that means plenty of opportunities for outdoor fun in Massachusetts. Whether hiking on the Bay State's many breathtaking hiking trails, swimming, fishing, or catching a Red Sox game, there are plenty of opportunities for fun in the sun throughout Massachusetts.

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Summer weather also means outdoor chores like tree timing, deck staining, power washing, and mowing the lawn. I have about a third of an acre of land and I don't mind mowing my grass as it's a good source of exercise and something to be proud of when the grass has been cut. The thing I can stand about mowing is being attacked by mosquitoes. It seems like I always have to wear repellent when I'm outside in my backyard or else I'm eaten alive.

There are Certain Colors You Shouldn't Wear and Others You Should Wear When Trying to Avoid Mosquito Activity 

I just learned recently that when I mow the lawn one of the shirts I have been wearing is an attractant for mosquitoes which is black. In case you didn't know certain colors can attract mosquitoes to you while others will help keep them away. The University of Washington backs up this claim. So let's take a look at which colors will make you a target for mosquito activity and which ones will have these pests ignoring your presence.

4 Colors You Should Avoid Wearing If You Want to Keep Mosquitoes Away 

While other factors may make you an attractant to mosquitoes including breath, sweat, and body temperature, keeping the following colors off of you can help keep mosquitoes away from your body.

4 Colors to Wear as Mosquitoes Aren't Attracted to Them 

If you want a pleasant lawn mowing/yard work experience without being the source of lunch for mosquitos then give the following colors a try.

Now I know I need to stop wearing black when I cut my grass. No Matter where you live in Massachusetts whether it's Boston, Worcester, Springfield, or anywhere throughout the Bay State, mosquitoes are around and chances are if you spend time outside you'll have to deal with them at some point. Where the appropriate colors and you could see a decrease in mosquito activity near your body.

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