You see the signs all over Berkshire County back roads warning vehicles to exercise caution because motorcycles are "everywhere" on the roads. We see motorcycle versus car collisions in Berkshire County all the time in the county... hence the signs.

A collision between a car and a motorcycle in Great Barrington on Saturday turned out to be the fault of the motorcycle operator involved in the incident. Police in Great Barrington, as part of a media report/press release, say that a motorcyclist and his passenger were sent to two different hospitals after the motorcycle crashed into a car near the Sunoco Station on State Road on Saturday morning.

Calls came in shortly after 9:30 AM...

According to the report, which was also posted on the Great Barrington Police Department Facebook page, police received several 911 calls at around 9:40 AM Saturday.


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Responding to the scene were the Great Barrington Police, Great Barrington Fire Department, Southern Berkshire EMS, and New Marlborough Ambulance. According to police, the motorcycle, a 2018 Harley Davidson was being operated by Kevin Barry of Woodmere, NY. The motorcycle struck a 2020 Subaru Legacy being operated by John Angelini of Great Barrington.

Both the motorcycle operator and passenger were injured...

Barry (the motorcycle operator) and his passenger, Gina Barry, both of Woodmere, NT suffered serious injuries as a result of the crash. The operator was transported to Berkshire Medical Center in Pittsfield, while the passenger was transported to Baystate Medical Center in Springfield by Lifestar Helicopter. The helicopter had to land in a parking lot located near Four Brothers Pizza on Stockbridge Road. Angelini, the driver of the car, was not injured in the crash.

The crash was blamed on the motorcycle operator...

Great Barrington Police end up citing the motorcycle operator for driving in the breakdown lane and also a charge of negligent operation of a motor vehicle. He will be summoned to appear at Southern Berkshire District court at a later date. The crash itself remains under investigation.


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