Smith College in Northampton was locked down early this morning (Friday) after the Northampton Police Department received a bomb threat pointed at one of the school's academic buildings.
In a Facebook post shortly after 6:00 AM, school officials stated that Northampton Police Department received an anonymous report of multiple explosive devices in Burton Hall, which currently houses the school's departments of geology and mathematics.
Map - Location of Burton Hall, Smith College - via Google Maps
Map - Location of Burton Hall, Smith College - via Google Maps

A person was seen dropping an object and walking away...

According to the post, an emergency alert was sent out to the school community as soon as the report was received. Shortly after the report was received, Campus Safety received a report of an unidentified individual potentially dropping and then walking away from an object on campus.
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The college was under a shelter in place order for less than an hour...

School officials stated in the post that out of an abundance of caution, and following the earlier bomb threat, Campus Safety issued a shelter in place order. Both reports were investigated and no threats to campus were found. The shelter in place order was lifted at 6:58 AM.
Burton Hall at Smith College, street view - via Google Maps
Burton Hall at Smith College, street view - via Google Maps

Police and fire departments were praised in the Facebook post...

We are grateful to the City of Northampton police and fire departments for their prompt response and assistance. While there was no physical harm to campus, we recognize that incidents like these can cause significant distress. Health and wellness resources are available for both students and employees, and we encourage every member of our community to take advantage of these support networks.

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