The town of Lenox has a brand new smartphone app, that lets you put the town right in the palm of your hand. The app 'Explore Lenox' is available for free download through the Apple App Store and through Google Play, so whether you use an Apple device or an Android phone, you can explore Lenox with ease, and also enjoy some very cool features.

I just downloaded the Android version, and so far, I'm impressed! It loads up rather quickly and greets you with a friendly message that start off with:

You have arrived in Lenox! Now that you're here, take it all in... 

The Lenox Chamber of Commerce newsletter, which was sent out today (Friday), touts the app as offering "Culture, Nature & History Tours at Your Fingertips!" And that is exactly what to does.

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There are several very cool tours right at your fingertips from the app's home page and through a very well laid out menu at the very bottom of the app. Some of the available tours that you can download directly from the app include a Lenox Village History Walk, a Galleries Tour, a Lenox Outdoors Tour, and a very cool Lenox Guilded Age Cottages Tour. That's just a few of the tours available at the ready.

Via the Lenox Chamber of Commerce newsletter
Via the Lenox Chamber of Commerce newsletter

According to the chamber, the tool is presented by the Lenox Cultural District and The Lenox Chamber of Commerce. It says that the tours were created through a collaborative partnership with local cultural organizations, historians, and people with a passion for Lenox. And that passion shows!

I believe that the other town's here in Berkshire County should take notice and maybe think about doing something similar. There is so much beauty and history here in the Berkshires, and Lenox is making it easy to explore and learn about what the town has to offer visitors and residents alike.

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