Leaders in the State of Massachusetts have agreed to add the same hotel taxes to short-term rentals, including Airbnb.

According to a report on Boston25News.com, the agreed bill will impose the 5.7 percent hotel tax to all short-term rentals. Those affected include any unit advertised on Airbnb, bed and breakfasts, as well as second homes used for vacation rentals. A vote is expected to take place between the House and the Senate soon.

Cities and towns will also have the option of adding an additional 6 percent tax like is done in hotels in the Berkshires and across the state.

The quick turnaround to vote for the House and Senate is expected to go in favor of new taxes. If that occurs, Gov. Charlie Baker will have to sign off on it -- which nobody really has his thoughts about the short-term rental discussion. If Baker signs off, these taxes will go in effect at the start of 2019.

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