It’s spring and soon fresh vegetables will be growing throughout the Berkshires.  You cannot beat the freshness and taste of fruits and veggies that are grown locally.  We are blessed in the Berkshires with farms growing the very best produce.

Sure, you can walk into any chain grocery store and buy lettuce, but you can actually taste the difference between a head grown in North Adams compared to lettuce grown and shipped from California or beyond.

The “Official Guide to the Berkshires” published by lists farmers' markets from cities and towns throughout the Berkshires.

Pittsfield – The Common on First Street Saturday - May through October

North Adams – St. Anthony Drive – Saturday - May through October

Great Barrington – 18 Church Street – Saturday – May through October

Lee – 3 Park Place – Saturday – October through October

Lanesborough – Berkshire Mall – Wednesday & Saturday – May through October

Williamstown – Spring Street – Saturday – May through October

Lenox – 21 Housatonic Street – Friday – June through October

This is a list of just some of the Farmers' Markets listed in the “Official Guide to the Berkshires” published by  It is a wonderful publication filled with everything Berkshires.  Pick it up in locations throughout the Berkshires and be sure to visit the site of for more information.

There’s nothing like fresh fruits and vegetables grown right here in the Berkshires.  The vegetarian and vegan movements are gaining believers.  The cruelty inflicted on animals at factory farms is very disturbing.  Spend 10-minutes at one of the factory farms or meat processing plants in the U.S. and you will immediately cut down on your consumption of beef, pork, and veal.  Even if you don’t feel a commitment to go full-on vegetarian or vegan cutting back a day or two a week will lead to better health and big savings at the grocery store.  The price of beef and chicken has gone through the roof.

So eat your veggies and buy local!

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