Monday marked the start of phase-two of the states reopening plan, of which Governor Charlie Baker announced the details on Saturday afternoon. We should be seeing more activity on the roads as more businesses get to reopen, and that means more traffic and the need for more awareness as city and town street start to get busier.

The most significant part of the phase-two start is the ease of restrictions on the restaurant industry. Eateries in the Commonwealth are now allowed to offer outside dining.

Phase twoalso means that playgrounds, camps, and parks will now be allowed to reopen for regular use, and retail stores can open for in-person shopping with certain restrictions in place.

These is what is allowed to reopen under phase two:

Step 1 of Phase 2 includes:
• Retail Stores
• Non-Emergency Child Care & Day Camps
• Lodging - No Events
• Youth Sports and Outdoor Recreation Facilities
• Outdoor Seated Dining
• Elective, In-Person Health Care
• Personal Services including Home Cleaning, Photography, Tutoring
• Schools for Completing Graduation Requirements
• Youth Instructional Classes including Education and Life Skills
• Driving & Flight School
• Funeral Homes

When the second part of phase two begins, we will see things such as restaurants being able to have inside seating. The date for that has not yet been announced.

As for Phase three… that could begin in as little as three weeks, but that date is yet to be determined as well.

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