Take a look at the above picture again. Those are pills that resemble Little Green Alien Heads and Little Purple Hand Grenades. They could almost pass for children's vitamins, which is really scary since they were found to contain fentanyl.

As many of you are well aware, fentanyl has been all over the news lately. Fentanyl is kind of similar to morphine but is way more potent--up to 50 to 100 times more potent. Fentanyl, if taken in a large enough dose or if combined with other illicit substances or alcohol, can absolutely cause death. It can also be highly addictive.

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An even more scary statistic is that fentanyl is a synthetic opioid which are now the most common drugs involved in deaths resulting from a drug overdose. So you can be sure that law enforcement officials are definitely on the lookout for them.

Recently, according to the Drug Enforcement Agency in New England, police in Maine seized a batch of the pills pictured at the top of the page. They were found to contain fentanyl. The DEA of New England immediately took to Twitter to get the word out.

Tell me those pills wouldn't look enticing to children? The fact that they so closely resemble candy or kid's vitamins makes one think that children may have been the main target for whoever designed and created these pills. Truly frightening...

So, be on the lookout for these pills, and if you see or locate any, immediately contact your local law enforcement officials. As the New England DEA put on Twitter:

Prevention Saves Lives!

Amen, guys.

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