The City of Pittsfield has announced a new winter hotline to provide residents with the latest information on winter storms and impacts to parking and other storm related information.  The WINTER HOTLINE is 413-499-5544.

Following a winter storm, residents can give city officials feedback on the city’s handling of the snow emergency through an online survey form that will be active throughout this winter.  Click here for the survey link.

The city is also reminding residents that they are responsible for all sidewalks adjacent to their property and should be cleared of snow and ice within 24-hours of the end of the storm.  It is also a violation to shovel or blow your snow from your property onto city streets. To keep your property and your neighborhood safe, you are also urged to dig out fire hydrants adjacent to your property.

The Department of City Services has placed sand piles at three locations around the city that is available to city residents.  The sand piles are located at the Barker Road Fire Station, Peck’s Road Fire Station, and Root Place off of Elm Street.  Residents are requested to limit the free sand to a 5-gallon pail (50 pounds) per visit.

The complete City of Pittsfield press release is below...


City of Pittsfield: new winter hotline, snow-related information

PITTSFIELD, Mass. (Dec. 14, 2020) – In preparation for the coming winter season, the City of Pittsfield has established a new winter hotline that will provide up-to-date information on impending snow events and impacts to parking in the city.

“As we know that winter weather can create a variety of precarious scenarios that affect community life, we wanted residents to have access to information that will allow them to plan accordingly during this season,” said Commissioner Ricardo Morales, of the Department of Public Services and Utilities. The winter hotline can be reached at 413-449-5544.

After a snow storm event, residents can also share their feedback on snow removal via a survey, which is available on the department’s web page and can be accessed here: The survey will be active throughout the winter season.

Essential things to keep in mind during a snow emergency:

 All sidewalks adjacent to one’s property must be cleaned within 24 hours of the completion of the storm.

 Handicap ramps adjacent to property are included in the city code and also must be cleared within 24 hours.

 It is a violation of city ordinance to plow or otherwise dispose of snow from one’s property onto city streets and sidewalks.

 Please dig out any fire hydrant on or adjacent to your property. It helps keep you and your neighborhood safe.

City sand piles available for residential use: The Department of Public Services has placed sand piles at three locations around the city: Barker Road Fire Station, Peck’s Road Fire Station, and Root Place off of Elm Street. Sand will be available for pickup by Pittsfield residents for their own personal use throughout the winter season. Residents are requested to limit their pickups to 50 pounds (one 5-gallon pail) per visit. Users of these piles are requested to report suspected abuse (loading of pickup trucks, etc.) to the DPS Highway Division office at 499-9314.

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