As reported in the Berkshire Eagle, the Pittsfield City Council voted to ban the outdoor cultivation of cannabis in the city.  Going against the recommendations of the Community Development Board, Ward 5 Councilor Patrick Kavey was the only member of the council that voted against the ban.

The Community Development Board recommended the council control outdoor grow operations by special permit that would require the cultivation is setback at least 500-feet from residential properties.  According to the Berkshire Eagle the board recommended the special permit plan twice but was ultimately rejected by the council.

With the number of dispensaries in Pittsfield it is obvious the council is not opposed to the retail sales of cannabis in the city, or even indoor cultivation.  Odor, quality of life for local residents and the protection of open space and neighborhoods were all factors for the council voting against the outdoor commercial cannabis cultivation.

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There are two projects that are grandfathered in under existing permits according to the Berkshire Eagle.  Barker Road and Pecks Road operations will be able to operate outdoor cultivation.  They have not yet gone through an outdoor grow season.

Councilor Kavey said it is “unfair and unwise” not to allow commercial outdoor cultivation mentioning locals have reached out interested in utilizing land they feel is suitable.  The sale of weed products have been a boom to Pittsfield and some believe that restricting outdoor cultivation will restrict an additional revenue stream into the city coffers.  Pittsfield collected just under $850,000 from taxable cannabis sold in the city last year.

Photo by Matteo Paganelli on Unsplash

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