Congratulations to some very talented kids!

The following 8 Pittsfield High School orchestra students have been accepted into the Western Massachusetts Senior District Orchestra with 4 of those students having high enough scores to receive an All-State recommendation.

PHS orchestra students will perform in the Western District Symphony orchestra in January at UMASS Amherst Performing Arts Center with other students in Western Massachusetts who were accepted through auditions.

Students with All state recommendations will audition at the state level at Shrewsbury High school on Saturday, January 25 for a chance to perform at Symphony Hall, Boston in March.

Gerdlie Jean-Louis - principal of viola section - all state
Gerdrose Jean-Louis - cello
Heather Cruz - cello
Joseph Weinberg - bass assistant principal - all state 
Nathan Cracolici - assistant principal of viola section - all state
Lilli Ouilette - violin - all state
Katarina Livermore - violin
Leila Paredes - violin

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