So, what do you think of the quality of life that the City of Pittsfield offers you? Does the city need more affordable housing? Do our parks need improvements... and if so, what kind of improvements would you want to see? Are there eyesore buildings in the city that need to be torn down? Do we need more job opportunities or maybe even economic development?

These are all good questions, and questions you can answer when the city's Department of Community Development sponsors a public hearing and input session on Wednesday, Feb. 16th. The hearing is part of the preparation of the city's 2023 Annual Action Plan.

You can take part in the public hearing via Zoom...

The purpose of the public hearing is to obtain public comments and suggestions on how the city’s federal Community Development Block Grant money should be spent. The meeting, which is being held exclusively via Zoom, gets underway at 6:30 PM. You can register for the hearing at this link:

Alternatively, you can also register for the session by contacting Justine Dodds, either via email or by calling 499-9358. If you want to participate in the session via telephone, you should call 301-715-8592, enter the meeting ID, 890 5852 6636, press # enter passcode 388875, and then press # again.

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This meeting is also going to be conducted in both English and Spanish.


Overhead look at the City of Pittsfield - via Google Maps
Overhead look at the City of Pittsfield - via Google Maps

What if I can't attend the public hearing... can I still take part? Yes!

According to a communication from the Office of Pittsfield Mayor Linda Tyer, residents who are unable to attend the public input session are welcome to submit their comments to the Department of Community Development, City Hall, 70 Allen St., Room 205, Pittsfield, MA. You can also call 413-499-9358. You may also e-mail your public comments to


If you are a person who has special needs, you should contact the Pittsfield Department of Community Development. They say that every effort will be made to accommodate your requests.

Don't let this chance get past you. Have your needs and ideas heard!


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