The schedule of road paving in the City of Pittsfield continues this week, as the City of Pittsfield’s 2020 Street Improvement Project moves forward. The Office of Pittsfield Mayor Linda Tyer has been keeping us up to date with the very latest information. Here is the latest that we received from Tyer’s office on Monday evening.

There are some changes for Aug. 18-24, as part of the City of Pittsfield’s 2020 Street Improvement Project.

Please note the following change to the work scheduled:

Today, Tuesday, Aug. 18th, finish paving is being done on Winter Street, Kellogg Street, and Wood Avenue.
On Wednesday, Aug. 19th, finish paving will be done on Preston Avenue, Whittier Avenue, Beverly Street, and Emerson Avenue.

Here is the schedule for the remainder of the week and into Monday of next week:

Thursday, Aug. 20: Finish pave on Briggs Avenue, Weller Avenue, and Richmond Avenue.
Friday, Aug. 21: Curb installation on Elizabeth Street; shim pave cul-de-sac on Glenn Drive.
Monday, Aug. 24: Finish pave on Partridge Road, Glenn Drive, and Stephen Drive.

On-street parking will be prohibited while the work is being conducted. Please note that the schedule is subject to change based on weather conditions. We have only a slight chance of some rain over the next few days and according to Otherwise we have some sun mixed with clouds right through. On Monday there is about a 25 percent chance of rain.

If I had to guess, I would wager that the construction schedule will not be affected, so plan accordingly.

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