The City of Pittsfield is making a statement by joining many other cities around the world in showing support for Ukraine by lighting up its downtown buildings with blue and yellow lights, the colors of the Ukraine flag.

Pittsfield stands in solidarity with Ukraine...

Pittsfield Mayor Linda Tyer released a statement this afternoon proclaiming that the City of Pittsfield is standing with Ukraine and the courageous men and women of Ukraine who are defending it as Vladimir Putin's Russian forces lay siege.

Mayor Tyer's words...

The City of Pittsfield stands in solidarity with the courageous men and women of Ukraine. For days, the eyes of the world have been transfixed to the atrocities inflicted upon the sovereign country of Ukraine and her people. These unjust acts of war reflect the very worst of humanity, leaving a trail of devastation that will reverberate long after the invasion is over.

At the same time, we bear witness to the indomitable strength, courage, and resolve of the Ukrainian people who refuse to give up their country without a fight. Their tenacious resolve stands as a glimmer of hope in the midst of unspeakable horror unfolding in real-time.

This spark of light symbolizes a hope that cannot be extinguished. As our global humanity calls for us to never look away from cruelty and violence, we, here in the City of Pittsfield, express our support through bright lights as well.

The colors of blue and yellow will light up our city’s downtown, bathing the exteriors of City Hall, 100 North St., Barrington Stage, The Colonial Theatre, Crawford Square, The Shipton Building, Persip, and Sotille parks, as a testament to the Ukrainian people’s humanity and their unrelenting fight for their country.


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Buildings around the world are bathed in blue and yellow...

Buildings around the world, from the culturally iconic to governmental institutions, are making similar statements.

From the sails of the Sydney Opera House...

Sydney Opera House Sails Lit In Solidarity With Ukraine
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To the prideful exterior of Liverpool's historic St George's Hall...

UK Government Reacts To Russian Invasion Of Ukraine
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The world is united in support of Ukraine, and Pittsfield is on board.


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