One thing I have learned about life is that it can have some very rocky moments. But if you remain positive, any story that has sad moments can be turned around. That was the case for young boy in Pittsfield.

According to the Pittsfield Police Department, the young boy -- named Nathaniel -- had discovered his bike was missing last week. Although Nathaniel was feeling down and felt like his bike would not be returned, deep down, he stayed positive and it created a happy ending.

"After speaking with great witnesses and some savvy police work, patrol officers located Nathaniel's stolen bike. It would be great if all thefts had great ending but unfortunately they don't," said the Pittsfield Police.

The Pittsfield Police also is warning the community to keep belongings -- bikes, stuff in your car, your doors at home -- locked up.

"You are your best advocate at not being a victim by simply locking your bike up. Don't be a creature of habit and fall victim and invest in a bike lock if it's left outside."

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