Winter is officially over!

It is Spring 2018, which is supposed to mean warmer weather, sunny skies, outdoor time and more. If you believe in the old cliche "April showers bring May flowers", that may be what happens here.

Of course, it is New England and nothing is predictable or set in stone. According to the Farmer's Almanac's Long Range Forecast, we could have a rocky start to the Spring season. Of course, we are going to get snow on Wednesday -- not a lot, but it is snow none the less.

Following the snow, it seems that things will smooth out, at least for a few days. Farmers Almanac predicts that March 24th through the 27th will bring some showers, followed by "fair" conditions. The 28th through 31st will bring "unsettled" conditions.

Easter Sunday? The Almanac says "No fooling! Very unsettled (weather) for Easter", but then things will even out after.

Here are the rest of the long-term predictions for the month of April. The good news is that the weather for Patriots Day/Marathon Monday is looking pretty good.

More wetness
Pleasant spell.
Sunny skies; great weather Patriots Day in Massachusetts, Maine.
Windy, showery; squalls along coastal plain, all then improving weather.
Sunny, pleasantly mild.
Heavy rains, then fair skies.
Happy Spring Berkshire County!

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