Michael DiCenzo will avoid being sent to prison for his defrauding of Greylock Federal Credit Union more than a decade ago. DiCenzo, of Pittsfield, had made a plea for clemency. The Berkshire Eagle reports that his plea was accepted on Monday in the bank fraud case dating to the start of the Obama presidency.

Michael DiCenzo, who was a former top loan officer with Greylock Federal Credit Union, was given a sentence of probation and was spared what could have been a prison sentence of 30 months. His defraud of the bank cost it and its insurer roughly $4 million.

DiCenzo’s attorney had asked for probation citing multiple health issues suffered by his client. The case has been in the court system now for more than six years. In question by his attorney was whether or not DiCenzo could receive adequate medical care in prison and warning that, because of the coronavirus pandemic, he could die in prison.

That might be a very short death sentence for him,” said DiCenzo’s court-appointed attorney… He would be serving the sentence in a wheelchair in need of constant nursing care. ~ Thomas J. O’Connor Jr


The probation recommendation was accepted by U.S. District Court Judge Mark Mastroianni, and it was not opposed by Assistant U.S. Attorney Steven Breslow, who prosecuted the case. The sentencing itself was held by videoconference, with DiCenzo speaking from his current home, a long-term care facility in Pittsfield. His brother, Anthony, and daughter, Sara Stewart, watched through the Zoom proceeding.

The judge imposed a sentence of “time served,” even though DiCenzo never had surrendered himself to custody, and three years of probation.

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