I remember my buddy had just gotten his driver's license. We were just 16 years old and there was a major winter storm on the way. Our thoughts? Donuts in the parking lot.

He had borrowed his father's 1990 Honda Civic DX with no power steering and we had a blast. School was closed for two days I think, such a fun memory.

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Mark Searles WJAR Facebook

26 Years Later: The April Fool's Day Blizzard Of 1997

How Much Snow Did Boston Get?

The 1997 storm dumped rain, sleet and snow from Maryland to Maine leaving as much as three feet of snow on the ground. During the peak of the storm, snow fell in Boston at a rate of three inches per hour. A total of 25.4 inches of snow fell in Boston. The nature of the snow -- very heavy and wet -- caused some tree limbs and whole trees to come down. -wcvb.com

Thunder. Lightning. Snowfall rates of 2-3 inches per hour. 70 mph winds. Yup, it all occurred on this day 20 years ago, on April 1, 1997.

It was a mess, but as teenagers, we loved it. Plus, it was April 1 for cryin' out loud, we knew the snow was gonna melt fast.

So, if you're thinking we are out of the woods in terms of snow, just remember the April Fool's Day Storm of 1997.

Let's get back to 2023 for a second. This April Fool's Day forecast calls for thunderstorms and a high temperature of 66F!

I hope you found this post fun both and informative.

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