Pittsfield will turn its attention from its huge Street Improvement Project to needed repairs at the bridge on Dawes Avenue. City crews will get work there underway on Monday morning as they set out to replace a leaking watergate.

According to the Office of Pittsfield Mayor Linda Tyer, motorists should be advised that repairs efforts to replace a leaking water gate on the west side of the Dawes Avenue bridge will begin at 8 am on Monday.

Six gates will be shut down...

Crews will have to shut six gates on Howard Street, one on Appleton Avenue, one on Deming Street, and one on the east side of the bridge so that they can isolate the leak.

Beginning at 8 a.m., water service will be unavailable on Dwight Street. Service is expected to be impacted for much of the day. Area residents should be aware that there may also be the presence of discolored water in the surrounding vicinity during this time. Any additional updates will be shared as necessary. 

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The work at the bridge is being made possible with grant money from the Massachusetts Department of Transportation. According to the City of Pittsfield's website, MassDOT has approved and funded the City of Pittsfield’s grant application for the Shared Streets and Spaces Program in the amount just shy of $239,000.

The money is not only being used for this bridge repair...

The Program also "supports 20 dynamic placemaking projects in the downtown corridor that will enhance mobility for pedestrians and bicyclists, integrate additional open and vibrant public spaces for community life, and improve navigation."


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