Following the New England Patriots Super Bowl loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, Rob Gronkowski was asked about the dreaded "R" word -- retirement.

Gronkowski's answer was a bit mysterious as he refused to confirm that he would return to the Patriots for the 2018 season. The good news is, according to's Ian Rapoport, "Gronk" is expected to give it a go.

"He took several weeks off to let loose and put football in the back of his mind and set himself free after football," Rapoport said. "He did ponder retirement. He did discuss moving to another venue -- WWE, Hollywood. But the belief now is that those things will come after his football career. The belief now is that Gronkowski will continue his football career with the Patriots. I know it was a difficult year physically for him. He's certainly been through a lot. But right now I have not talked to one person who believes Rob Gronkowski will retire. The expectation is he's back in a Patriots uniform in 2018."

The options are a plenty for the charismatic Patriots TE. In fact, Marjo laid out some of his potential options when his football career comes to an end.

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